We uncover your energetic chemistry with global destinations so you can feel happiest, at peace, and most successful!

Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” – JP Morgan, America’s first billionaire

Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.” – Einstein

Have you ever been to a new place and just KNEW you felt “right” there? As if all of a sudden you feel this deep sense of feeling at home, at peace. This newfound feeling makes your confidence shine as if the sun were beaming right down on you. This effect makes you feel a certain part of your personality is brought to the surface after being dormant, or perhaps fully locked away your entire life! Certain places around the globe have the power to energetically unlock positive and amazing aspects of yourself, and it’s all due to the energetic chemistry these places have exclusively for You!

At Larrikin Travel, this special chemistry is called Travel Energetics and it is truly life changing. Using our technical software programs and inputting your time/date/place of birth, we uncover and decode dozens of your ultimate global travel hotspots which are unique to you and no one else! Our software also pinpoints your numerous challenging energetic hotspots around the world so you know where to avoid, or perhaps why you’ve never felt “at home” in your own hometown! Your report takes between 7-8 hours to curate with the immense amount of detailed analysis that goes into it, and no two reports are the same which makes our work very interesting.

After analysing your data, we then tailor-make an in depth 35-40 page full coloured report aesthetically pleasing enough to be a conversation-starting coffee table book. An entire two hour long Skype or Facebook Video briefing is included in the price so you have a full understanding and feel assured with your Travel Energetics report. At Larrikin, we are incredibly passionate about Travel Energetics and know that people gaining this knowledge about themselves changes lives as we have seen this happen firsthand with our work.

The entire process including Travel Energetics data analysis and creation of your 35+ page report and maps, and your scheduled two hour briefing is only $530USD to be paid via Paypal or bank transfer prior to the creation of your report. Your Travel Energetics Report is truly an investment in your future as your unique planetary line placements stay the same throughout your whole life, thus your report can be utilised to guide your holiday planning forever!

**NEW!** We’ve just released the option for you to purchase a “Mini” Travel Energetics Report! This single page report is a “taster” version of the full 35+ page report which summarises 10 key beneficial hotspots and challenging places for you provided as a bullet point summary under each category. This mini report provides an explanation of each of the planets, however does not tell you which planets are associated with which of your hotspots. This mini report does not include your Travel Energetics maps, or expand on how you will feel or what experiences you are likely to have. This mini report is useful on its own as you can use it to help tip the scale toward ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on particular global destinations you’re interested in venturing. The mini report is $50USD and upon purchase, you automatically receive 30% off the full report later on if you decide you want to discover: how exactly your hotspots and challenging places impact you, a detailed analysis of each individual hotspot including maps, and additional hotspot destinations you have around the world including smaller cities and areas which may be particularly beneficial or challenging for you. It’s sort of like reading the cliff notes version as opposed to buying the whole novel 😉

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