About Us

The original Larrikin is Chelsea Joy, a Californian Sociologist & yoga teacher who is as passionate about people as she is about travel so she combined both to connect people with more meaningful, life-changing travel experiences at Larrikin Travel!

Chelsea Joy

 The Curator of Larrikin Travel

As a woman born to an Irish-German mother and Mexican father raised in a mish-mash of countries including the United States, Latin America and Australia, I always found myself fascinated with where people fit in and how “home” shapes their identity. The moment I could walk, my mother took me on a three year excursion in a Westfalia camper van from California, through the Yucatån Peninsula, down to Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Those unconventional formative years spent barefoot climbing ancient ruins, holding onto wild iguanas tails and dancing with Mayan children moulded my adventurous outlook on life and developed my passion for encouraging others to break away from the mould and think outside the box to harness their true potential through travel and adventure.

Since growing up, I’ve passionately educated myself in various disciplines to gain a greater understanding of people and their environment: BA in Sociology, MA in Urban Planning, Yoga teacher training, Reiki energy healing and six months’ thesis study on our innate connection to the natural world and how it enhances our wellbeing. I love imparting the knowledge I’ve gained through my work, and have come to learn that not everything that is real & true is widely accepted, or visible to the naked eye – thus my spiritual & astrological work. Currently in my journey I’m enjoying a fantastic life on my Travel Energetics sun line in London, and lapping up the benefits! I’m looking forward to many more adventures whilst connecting people with their own unique, life-changing adventures!